Our customized solutions for your tailored application

NIRSEN solutions are designed and delivered for various projects in the automotive, electronics, machinery, wireless, consumer, smart home, and medical industries.


  • 57-64-GHz and 77–81-GHz radar sensors, with on-chip FMCW synthesizer based on fractional-N PLL
  • FMCW transmitter covering 59–71-GHz unlicensed band with output power of +8 dBm and up to 16 fully programmable chirp configurations
  • 60–GHz industrial radar sensor and nFSK transmitter with on-chip PLL and 7–GHz bandwidth
  • UWB ultra-low power transmitter (IEEE 802.15.4a)
  • UWB sensor design (3–4 GHz and 7–8 GHz)
  • Watch based COSPAS/SARSAT beacon IC
  • UWB (3.1–10.6-GHz) transceiver for professional application
  • 2.4–GHz SiGe high-performance direct I/Q demodulator and modulator
  • Automotive digital audio broadcasting RF IC
  • Ka-Band PLLs


  • Ultra-high sensitive 3D Hall sensor SoC (AMS ICs) for industrial applications
  • Heat sensor IC
  • Flowmeter IC
  • ADC: 2nd & 3rd order SC Sigma-Delta; CT Sigma-Delta; ultra-high-speed GHz sampling in 28-nm CMOS
  • Integer-N and fractional-N PLLs: from 10 MHz to 81 GHz (with bandwidth up to 11GHz)
  • Support blocks: bias circuitry, bandgaps, amplifiers, buffers, LDOs, etc
  • High-voltage automotive design & layout

Digital ASIC & SoC

  • SoCs with custom CPUs for sensor applications
  • SoCs with RISC-V platform
  • Intelligent battery sensor with LIN interface
  • Hall sensor controller
  • Power management controller
  • High-speed data loggers
  • Multi Mbps custom communication protocol for industrial sensor communication, with low latency.

eSi-3250 processor core Designs

  • Hardware design experience
  • Custom hardware accelerator – CORDIC
  • Custom SPI slave with a register bank generator
  • Synthesis and layout in 130nm
  • Software design experience
  • Implementation of different algorithms
  • Time of Flight, Center of Gravity, Triangulation, CORDIC
  • Python register bank generator
RISC-V solutions enable powerful and license-free SoC design The first RISC-V-based radar signal processing accelerator on the market. It brings unprecedented DSP computing power that supports ultra-low latency between target movement and the detection is useful in any real-time operation scenario from automotive to industrial. In addition, this platform allows a real-time visualization of range, range-Doppler, and range-azimuth beamforming and MIMO radar scenes. This feature is crucial for a quick radar prototyping and product development.

NIRSEN RISC-V Radar Processor Unit