AMS, RF & mmWave IC design

Years of experience for your next success story

NIRSEN is a chip engineering service company, specializing in millimeter-wave and AMS circuits and front-end systems, with premium references. Explore our analog IPs or order customized IC services.

NIRSEN IPs and Competencies

Solutions are individually developed for each client and tailored to their specific requirements. The client retains all IPs and can license NIRSEN background IPs, should this be needed and desired.

NIRSEN has in-house silicon-proven building blocks and systems on a chip for millimeter-wave communication and radar front ends, ready to be used as is or to be adapted for client needs. We control the entire analog and digital ASIC development flow, with client tools (operating over VPN) or our tools. NIRSEN offers a Virtual Design Center business model as well as turnkey solutions consisting of analog, RF, and mixed-signal ASIC & digital ASIC design for system OEMs and T1s.

Our Virtual Design Center model enables long-term engagement of engineers with dedicated competencies, such as high-voltage design & layout, generic AMS design & layout, digital design & validation activities, or mixtures thereof. With our engineers located in the NIRSEN office, the service is delivered in a remote, agile, and affordable way.

We can provide custom application-related firmware solutions, with porting options on a dedicated SoC platform.

AMS, RF & mmWave IC designs

Expertise Core Domain

One-stop shop for IC design services offers:

  • Analog mixed IC design & layout
  • RF & mmWave IC design & layout
  • High-voltage design & layout
  • Digital front-end & back-end design
  • FPGA verification & validation
  • ASIC validation with PCB reference designs for testing
AMS, RF & mmWave IC designs

Experience in Systems

A wide range of applications is available:

  • AMS solutions for sensor data acquisition & conditioning (Hall, MEMS, etc)
  • RF & mmWave communication front-ends
  • RF receivers
  • High-performance custom PLLs
  • Automotive ICs & ASICs for e-Mobility
AMS, RF & mmWave IC designs

Target Markets

We enable autonomous and IoT solutions for:

  • Automotive market
  • Industrial & wireless market
  • Consumer market
  • Smart home market
  • Medical market
AMS, RF & mmWave IC designs


Experience in PDKs, major foundries, a variety of technologies and nodes:

  • TSMC, IHP, GF, TowerJazz, XFAB, UMC, STM, AMS, Samsung TI, GF…
  • 22 nm – 0.35 μm

We enable a full vertical integration for your future products, with your own silicon parts.

Analog IPs

NRC60A1 Silicon details

  • 1TX-1RX FMCW Radar Sensor Chip
  • 55-64GHz, 2×3 mm2, PLL on Board, Baseband processing, SPI Interface
  • Antenna-on-PCB or
  • Antenna-in-Package
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From system design up to GDSII with/without NIRSEN IPs

  • Special expertise in RF (up to 30 GHz) and mmWave (30 – 300 GHz) IC design
  • We do a low-power IC design (low nodes up to 22 nm) with a special experience in wireless systems and SoCs for sensor applications
  • High-voltage design including layout for BCD processes
  • High-voltage design for e-mobility (automotive market segment)

Extra services related to custom IC design

  • Hardware and software solution for IC testing
  • IC/ASIC functional testing
  • IC/ASIC application-driven field trials
  • IC/ASIC validation
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